Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gusto Organics

A new organic food spot opened at the corner of 6th Ave and 14th street called gusto. All menu items are certified organic which for me is code for healthy but bland and tasteless. I won't say the food was the most interesting, or the menu very varied, but it did taste healthful in a pleasant environment. The restaurant is quite large and at lunch was filling up fast. The chairs and tables were a piney wood- very natural looking and a wall of plants added to the zen feeling. From my window view, I watched cartons of boxes that said organic being wheeled into the restaurant so it certified organic no doubt. The bathroom was also spotless and candle scented with a wooden communal sink and glass doored toilet rooms. Oh and the food, well I had the potato and onion soup which had a nice potatoey flavor with no cream, and the margarita pizza also tasted very fresh though the crust amd cheese were not of my dreams. My drink of fresh squeezed orange juice which I was told was squeezed this morning was not as pulpy as I like. There are only a few salad choices- spinich, mixed greans and arugala and alot of pizzas. I would prefer lots more salad choices personally. Well my wish has been answered. On my lunch visit on Monday a salad bar was added with all organic selections and dressings. Start with arugula or spinich greens and add-ons were plentiful including beautiful strawberries, cheeses, peppers, peanuts, and eggs. The dressings were very good including a balsamic vinagrette as well as lemony and strawberry vinagrette. All for $10 served in a large porcelan bowl with real utensils. There are some organic portuguese inspired desseres like alfajores and pasteleras with organic pastry. If you are looking for organic and a pleasant setting you can give this spot a shout out.

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