Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Remedy Diner

LES has a new 24 hour diner on East Houston and Norfolk Street. This shiny corner restaurant makes up for the much anticipated and quickly closed Loside a few blocks away. Remedy has a retro feel with shiny metal doors with retro glass portals, faux wood, and banquets that are rust and beige. Nice cushiony seats at the counter make the restaurant very appealling to single diners. Waiters wear tshirts with a drawn in bowtie- how cute. Now for the food. I had a dinner special and most were between $12-$16 bucks and that comes with a voluminus amount of food. Nice warm potato rolls and breadsticks first and then a very good tomatoey lentil soup. Next was a a salad that was somewhat browned which was a sign that their salad stock was not too fresh. The main course of tilapia in a provencal sauce with a baked potato and spinanch was cooked to order and the fish was very tasty. Their takeout menu supplies were depleted so more on their menu another time, but I am encouraged that the food will continue to improve with time and increased number of customers. On a second visit with my dad for lunch there is a long list of lunch specials starting at $6.95- $9.00 which include soup and dessert. Good deal. My lunch special of chicken salad with bacon and fries arrived sans bacon. The waiter quickly retrieved some bacon from the kitchen. Dad's paella which was not on the lunch special menu was pretty flavorless. The dessert of bread pudding was warmed and tasty though the waiter forgot to leave off the whipped cream on top. Stick to diner classics here!

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