Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gazala's Place

There are very few Israeli restaurant so I was very excited to eat here. On a stretch of ninth avenue in the forties with lots of Thai joints, Gazala's Place is a sliver of a spot. One side of this place, is a bench lined with Israeli style cushions and pillows. When you walk in on the left is a special oven used to make a very thin whole wheat pita, very unusual. Weekends mean borekas and the special boreka was made with sundried tomato and labaneh cheese. These are warmed and browned and are sinfully good. A small flavorful ice-berg lettuce salad with tabouleh accompanied this dish. I ordered a lovely hummus which was served in a pretty ceramic bowl. Mains of shish and other kebabs are also available. Prices here are pretty reasonable for the location. The bathroom is through a tiny kitchen passing through potatoes and bags of rice to reach the teeny toilet which was moderately clean though toilet paper was M.I.A., fortunately paper towel was handy.

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