Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Stuff Diner

The Good Stuff has been open on West 14th Street for several months and I have eaten here a bunch of times. Good Stuff sort of lives up to it's name. The place has been renovated into a lovely retro type diner and is a well run establishment with the managers always on hand at the helm. Service is spot on. The food is another matter. Most items are servicable, but don't reach beyond that. The mousakka I had today was good as was the escarole white bean soup. The salads are nothing special, and burgers and fries fill the stomach. The best meal I have eaten here was on Thanksgiving for a lunch time feast with family. The turkey was freshly roasted and stuffing was very good, though no cranberry sauce was included. The pies here taste straight out of the box so definitely avoid them. Prices are pricey- my lunchtime mousaka was $13.95 with just a soup. Lunchtime specials run in the $11-$15 range which is on the high side. The best lunchtime special I have had was a turkey meatloaf, maybe they just do turkey well. The food never reaches a more interesting plateau. Good Stuff is open 24 hours a day and works well if you are fiending for just food stuff in a pleasant diner environment, otherwise I would head somewhere else.

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