Friday, March 21, 2008

Beacon's Closet/Williamsburg

This is the granddaddy or grandmommy of all thrift/clothing resale shops. Located on a desolate stretch in a warehouse on N. 11th Street, Beacon's closet is huge. Offering clothes and shoes that are secondhand and once in a while samples for the lucky few. The clothes are all sorted by color and type of garment. Round racks of yellow, blue, pink, black and grey shirts and blouses. Even those who do not normally shop thrift always find a usuable piece here. Clothes ar relatively cheap and finding a new, cute Urban Renewal mini sweater for $21.95 is one example. Secondhand BCBG mules in good condition were $15, and newish Marc Jacobs shorts for $16 were a recent steals. Best part of Beacon's is you can sell your old gear for cash on the spot. A team of evaluators decide on what to buy or they return it to you to bring home or donate to charity. For clothes bought by "the closet" they offer 35% cash of what the tag the item or 55% store credit. I have sold my pieces here and find they are usually looking for hip gear, funky and designer inspired as well as vintage in great condition. There is a second and much smaller outpost of this uber popular clothing exchange on 5th Ave. and President Street in Park Slope.

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