Friday, March 21, 2008


It has taken awhile for me to get to egg in Billysburg. Mainly because of my recently increasing enjoyment of eggs in general as well my reluctance to wait for a table at this perrenially crowded spot. Egg is in a space occupied by the former restaurant Sparky. Eggs is a long narrow space in what looks like a former garage with wood beamed ceilings and serving lots of tatted up musician types their morning Joe which is French pressed from sustainably grown beans. I admit that I did not have eggs, but everyone else's looked yummy. My dish of country ham biscuit with Grafton cheese and fig jam was delish. The restaurant uses ingredients from small local producers and the flavor reflects that decision. I enjoyed a combo of fresh squeezed on premises o.j. and grapefruit juice for $2. Another appealing sandwich of eggs rothko- easy cooked egg in a slice of Amy's brioche topped with grafton cheddar, served with broiled tomatoes and a side of meat or seasonal vegetables for $6.50. The prices here a super cheap, no dishes over $7 found on the menu which compares very favorably to other comparable spots in local nabes. So based on the bang for the buck and quality of food, this breakfast spot is always packed. By the by, this spot shares space with another restaurant coming in at 2-3 in the afternoon and serving dinner. This is a smart concept. The afternoon service is brought to you by the folks from Pies and Thighs- the fried chicken experts from South Williamsburg who formerly shared their space with a dive bar.

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