Monday, March 10, 2008

Chelsea Market

I am always shocked when people who are foodies have not been to the temple of all markets, Chelsea Market. Housed in an avenue block long space that once housed a sugar factory and now houses multiple food purveyors as well as the Food Network, Oxygen and NY 1 upstairs. This is one of my favorite places in all of NYC. All senses are awakened in the industrial urban space where the sugary, sweet, goodness entices your nose to walk further along the glazed concrete walkway. Passing the now empty Chelsea Florist on the left, continue into the market and stop for a gaze at the Fat Witch brownie shop surely considered the premier brownie baker with multiple flavors and samples on the weekend. Further up the food chain is Amy's Bread which is baked at the market, and has tables for munching. Ronnybrook Farms Milk Bar which sells their products as well as cooks up some great comfort breakfasts, lunch dinners all with the Ronnybrook milk served at the old fashioned dairy counter. Their ice-creams are quite good and their chocolate chip cookies are a personal favorite. One of the larger purveyors in the market is the Buon Italia Company. This store imports the usual and unusual Italian cheeses, olive oils, breads, jarred goods and pastas. They also have a food section outside of the store with authentic Italian offerings cooked there, and using many imported products. The food is quite authentically Italian, though not cooked to order. More goodies abound with Sarabeth's further on the left which houses their kitchen. Late day half priced specials are usually available after 5PM. There is also a small space for eating inside cooked or baked goodies. Other good dining options include the Thai restaurant which was one of the original tenants and still serves up fresh, food made to order. There is a seafood purveyor in the market selling high quality seafood and some made to order seafood salads, and chowders. Another fave is the Chelsea Market Basket which stocks very cool baskets and small food items, including chocolates and other unusual sweet and savories for very reasonable prices. For fun shopping there is the Bowery kitchen supplies and Marakesh imprts. One last food mecca is the Manhattan Fruit exchange which sells the fruits and veggies and stocks some exotic stuff like passion fruit and unusual varieties of oranges at somewhat reasonable prices.
Check out the website for up to the minute events at the market like salsa on Tuesday evenings and Tango on Friday evenings, yes you read that right.

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