Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gallo Nero Wine Bar and Grill

Little Gallo Nero which translates into black chicken is a new spot off ninth avenue owned by the restauranteur of Il Bastardo in Chelsea. Eating there last night at 6:30(Saturday) the first surprise was that it was empty as the restaurants in the theatre district usually clear out only about 15 minutes before showtime. The fact that not many people know about Gallo Nero will surely change as the Daily News was shooting for a review in the paper this week. Gallo Nero's space boasts warm white stone walls and a ceiling lined with warm wood. It is charming, but most important the food. Rolls baked by Sullivan Street bakery and a chickpea dip begin the meal. A very good choice made by the restaurant as some posher spots offer a lesser quality bread. The menu is divided into small plates all of which are pretty cheap and average about $8 bucks. My friend Karen and I shared three small plates. A salad with green apples and goat cheese with lemon vinagrette and balsamic- we asked for both. That dish was $7. The Japanese egglant parmigiana for $9. was truly delish and like the best eggplant parm with a slight twist in the flavor of the eggplant. Next was the porcini mushroom risotto which was also very nicely done with a stong mushroomy flavor. The dessert of banana mouse surrounded by a banana pulp was yummy. All in all this place truly boasts a bang for the buck.

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