Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Bagel Hole

This bagel store on a lonely south slope block on 7th. Ave is one of my favorite NYC bagel factories. I feel vindicated in saying this because the store had an honorable mention by Arthur Schwartz in his new book on Yiddish food. The store is a small narrow one with the usual spreads and add-ons, but here it is all about the bagel itself. I have eaten alot of Brooklyn bagels in my day and these bagels rank up there with the best bagels of my childhood. The owner is Italian and the bagels are hand rolled and smaller and crunchier than some other bogus bagels that are bigger, but lack flavor or bite. The egg bagel is especially flavorful and the plain bagel is just the perfect baked bite. If you get one hot with butter or cream cheese and coffee, you will go to Brooklyn bagel heaven. All the bagels here are great and run about .80 each.

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