Thursday, April 3, 2008


Mishima is small Japanese restaurant on a lovely stretch of Lexington Ave in Murray Hill between 30th and 31st Street. It is now two floors and boasts some very fresh fish selections.
I have eaten here several times at lunch and was not ever dissappointed with the freshness of their sushi offerings and extra tasty miso soup. Lunch specials are pricier than others, starting at $11 for a 7 pieces but quality is better than most as well. The special starts with a small salad of iceberg lettuce with an especially tangy ginger dressing. The miso that follows is so homemade tasting and soothing. Next, was the fish which we both ordered a seafood donburi which was the chef's selection served chirashi style with rice which immediately was recognizable for it's freshness. The fish was served with ginger as well as pickled veggies and pickles and their fish was absolutely fresh and delicious. The service was also on point and friendly.

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