Thursday, April 3, 2008


Bamiyan is one of those special old-school restaurant that actually looks representative of the country's food they are preparing. Red velvet drapes on the windows of this corner spot as well as Afgan made rugs and tapestries adorn the walls of this charming eatery. A famous photograph of an Afgan girl with steely blue eyes matches the ceiling painted to look like a sky.
This charming eatery also boasts a few seats where you take your shoes off to dine really feels exotic. Afgan food is somewhat reminicent of Turkish yet different. The restaurant boast a $9.95 lunch special and a very diverse crowd comes to enjoy it. Lunch starts with a salad that looks like Afgan coleslaw, actually a mix of ice-berg, and cabbage with a tangy papkrika like dressing. The warm Afgan bread follows which is not as flavorfull as the Turkish though somewhat similar with tiny black seeds as well. My entree of boneless chicken breast with a saffron like seasoning was served over basmati rice with tiny raisins and and what appeared to be slivers of pickled carrots. I ordered a side of yogurt dressing to accompany the bread and balance the sweetness of the dish which was very tasty.

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