Monday, April 7, 2008

Jimmy's Diner

On an unlikely spot on Union Ave. sits the newish diner owned by the now defunct Biscut/BBQ in Park Slope. I was never the biggest fan of the former place, but the new one has a whole new vibe and some very creative dishes on the menu. Green is the color dujour at Jimmy's with a ring of benches in the small space. The clientele represents the artys people who live and hang in the hood. The next table brought their own wine to spike up their o.j. and the next table discussed world travel. No baby prams visible here. The breakfast bowls are just $7 a pop and I opted for tater heaven which was deep fried tator tots topped with scrambled eggs, sauteed onions, avocado and Jack cheese. This dish was a greasy taste fest. Other options are clever named breakfast sandwiches like the champ with homemade sausages or the cowboy with eggs, Jack cheese and bbq sauce on a roll. Those start at $6, as well as some of the standard brunchy items starting at $7. The make your own shake was fun and I opted for banana, chocolate and caramel and mystery ice-cream. For $5, the shake was a fun flavor fest. The bathroom sports chalk to leave your mark on the wall in true Williamsburg fashion.

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