Friday, May 23, 2008

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Having eaten home-made ice-cream every day last summer at the East Village Ice Cream Factory, I decided to try the ice-cream in it's original incarnation. So I ventured out the the Greenpoint outpost of the Brooklyn ice-cream factory, their other factory is near the Brooklyn Bridge which is a lovely spot and packed in warmer months with lines of we scream for ice-cream kids. Getting to the Greenpoint outpost is a trip so to speak on the G train to Greenpoint Ave. and then another 8 blocks to this isolated but charming ice-cream spot. It looks like an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor from the outside with a green and yellow striped material awning and inside with small tables and books about old-Brooklyn. The flavors include vanilla, chocolate, coffee, butter pecan and peaches and cream. All fresh ingredients are used in the production of the ice-cream. This ice-cream is almost identical the the East Village spot as it's owner was an alumni of the original Brooklyn joint, though the Brooklyn spot is a bit more pricey and the East Village Ice Cream Factory makes their fruit flavors with real bits of fruit in smaller batches. One scoop is $3.50 here and two were $5.50 with toppings extra. A bathroom is in the back in case you need it before the long hike back to the G.

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