Friday, May 23, 2008

Vinnie Vella's Pizza

Vinne Vella is a an actor who has opened a pizza place on Metropolitan Avenue two doors down from the great Cheeks bakery(see Brooklyn new school bakery). The space boasts exposed brick, pictures of lots of celebraties with Vella and Frankie playing in the background. Clean, steal tables also lined with pictures offer a spiffier pizza eating experience with nice condiments on each table. Now for the pizza, which it boasts is the best thin crust pizza. Well the round pizza at $2.25 is good and thin with a sweet light tomato sauce, cheese that looks like it was added before the sauce a la L&B Spumoni Gardens(more on L&B) shortly. The pizza does have a nice bite though the flavor is not exceptional. Pies run from $13-$15 for a large plain pizza and up to $21 for specialty pies with movie names like Casino, Anaylze This etc.

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