Friday, May 30, 2008

Japanese Midtown Lunch Cart

Near "The Rock" there are many quality lunch carts like Daisy Mae's Barbeque etc. to feed the office surge at noon. On 50th. Street there are two Japanese guys with makeshift home storage units packed with fresh food to go. These guys come from restaurants nearby hoping to syphon off some of the surge. I tried the first guy on 50th. Street going from 6th. - 7th. Ave who sells a chicken or fish meal for $6., rice extra. There was a choice of broiled mackeral, soy bean paste with veggies and a spring roll with sweet red, yellow and green peppers. The other dish was skinless chicken pieces with a mystery sauce, the soy bean paste, and two shumai. I opted for the fish which came with chopsticks, no napkins and was in a plastic dish with partitions. The food was good- freshly made, the fish was a tad fishy, though went well with it's accompanying dishes. The soybean paste and spring roll were both very tasty and for $6, it can't be beat. A small salad with dressing is an extra buck.

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