Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wildwood Barbeque

Located at 225 Park Ave. South and 18th. Street in an area saturated with grand restaurant visions, Wildwood jumped into the burgeoning barbeque scene in what is fast becoming a mecca for great barbeque right here in the Big Apple. Wildwood is big and bold with beige and brown colors and cushiony booths and steele beams running across the ceiling's cavernous space. A snazzy bar area to the left of the dining space with lot's of libation choices that will surely draw a happening after work crowd. Now for the sit down and food. This is a BR Guest restuarant so service is first rate. I was seated at a spacious table for four before the lunch crowd surged. A waitress told me about the all natural beef used and sauces and condiments on the table. I ordered the "Three Little Pigs" plate with spare ribs, pulled pork and a jalepeno sausage with 2 sides for $21.50. The lemonade was not housemade so I stuck with water. When the cue came with the sides I was excited not only by the sheer size of the plate, but by the glistening shine on the large meaty ribs. Those ribs were tdf(to die for), made to order by Big Lou in the kitchen, large meaty, smoky and tender. The pulled pork also shined with the signature house sauce, the other sauce which was raspberry flavored tasted totally artifical to my palate so I avoided it. The sausage was also tasty. Now for the sides- creamed spinach tasted like fresh spinach with a lighter than usual cream sauce and was tasty. The mac and cheese was a total wash that was made with small cheesy shells with a slightly toasty bread crumb like crust- that was b&b(bland and boring). Overall, the space and meat rocks! The bathroom offers a large rustic sink, red tile and western style wood doors, spiffarama!

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