Friday, June 6, 2008


Cabrito's at 50 Carmine is a new Mexican joint with an super specialty bar menu and some killer Mexican grub. The space is big and rectangular with tables very close together. The yellow wooden bar has painted flowers and hooks for bags and jackets(this hook thing must be a new trend). There is a reggae soundtrack going adding to the chill vibe in the restaurant. Most of the dishes here are a la carte. Salsa is ordered with three kinds available- a salsa verde, salsa roja and pico de gallo. The salsas arrive with housmade chips- que bueno and are simply bright and all top notch. I order a cerviche with avocado to start for $11. The cerviche is small for the price, but the flavor is quite big and tangy with a tamarind undercurrent. My main is enchiladas con queso with a salsa roja. The tortilla is housemade and arrives again without any sides as the $14 main is served a la carte. Again the flavor is big and bold and tasty. The bathroom here is one of the cutest around with rose painted walls with stenciled flowers and a green pearlized toilet seat with gold flower stencils. Should you go? Go!

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