Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Odeon Ice Cream Cart

Still on the hunt for killer homemade ice-cream, I heard about the famous Odeon Restaurant sporting a cart in front. The Odeon in Tribeca is a classic N.Y. restaurant, around since it's heydays in the 80's famous for late-nite celeb and model bites. The little cart serves up ice-cream and homemade waffle cones all made from organic ingredients. For $4 you can get one or two scoops. On Saturday when I was there the flavors were chocolate, dulce de leche and cookies and cream. I ordered the dulce de leche and chocolate. I will say that I was impressed. Again made in smaller batches than some of the other homemade giants the ice-cream tasted super fresh and the chocolate was rich, not too dense and had great chocolate flavor. The dulce de leche had a faint caramel taste and both went well together as well as with the homemade waffle cone which was very light and absolutely perfect. Should you go? Must go!

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