Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chiles & Chocolate oaxacan kitchen

Oaxacan kitchens are famous for their moles utilizing the ingredients of chilies and chocolates and this busy little north slope spot offers several. Chiles and Chocolate offeres an extensive menu as well as a $12 brunch special that is special because the food is made to order and authentic. The space at 52 7th. Ave is narrow with photos of Oaxacans on one side and Mexican mirrors on the other that create a feeling of extra space. There is a tented area out back which was full on a Sunday. I ordered the chilaquiles and spicy hot chocolate(chilies y chocolate)for $12 and side orders of guacamole and elotes del zocalo(spicy corn on the cob). The meal was a taste fest of flavor. The chilaquiles are a casserole of chips soaked in a spicy salsa, grilled chicken and mexican rice and beans. The fire roasted corn on the cob which I spied cooking up fresh on the way to the bathroom before brunch was one of the best I've ever had. Served on a plate with romaine, radish and pickled red onion with cheese, chipotle and chocolate on the corn. The guacamole was fresh with lots of cilantro and citrus flavor. The only dissappointment was the hot chocolate which was not chocolately or spicy enough to taste. The toilet is tiny in the back of the narrow open kitchen which churns up Oaxacan treats and according to their menu this is not a Mexican Restaurant.
Must Go!

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