Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rabbithole Cafe

Like the nearby Dressler restaurant, Rabbithole is a designed to feel like old New York. When you walk into through the original wood door and peer down at the wood plank floor and then gaze up at the tin ceiling, vintage chandellier and mirrors you are transported. The long shop boasts a garden in rear with tables near the garden or in the front with a view of Bedford Ave. so all tables have a nice vantage point. The guy behind the counter was very accomodating and I am always wary of eating in a cafe though the pastries looked enticing more on those later. There are salads, paninis and bagel combos to eat. Options like a hummus plate are $7. Bagel combos with coffee and tea are $6.80 with cutie names like the Cliff which icludes bacon, red onion and swiss or the Gooey which is tuna, tomato and melted swiss. The salads are about $6-$8 and I ordered the big Bad Wolf which contained greens, bacon avocado, swiss and homemade vinegarette which was very good and a chocolate chip cookie for $1.50. The cookie looked like I like them to look darly baked and rustic and was a perfect example of a homemade classic chocolate chip cookie. Other pastry options include raspberry chocolate chip rolled scone and apricot walnut rolled scone etc. which all looked yummy. Other goodies recently include homemade banana bread and a rustic apple cake.
Must Go!

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