Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brooklyn Diner

I have eaten at Brooklyn Diner numerous times and always leave feeling unsatisfied, mainly because the cost of items at this upscale diner is so inflated. Some of the items I have eaten here are quite good like the Greek salad which you can add fried chicken to and is super tasty. My last meal pictured above was the cheeseburger deluxe which was rated as NY Mags best burger in '07 and a chocolate egg cream. The egg cream at $5.(ouch)was recommended by my dear friend and egg cream expert is one of the few authentically made egg creams and was perfect. The burger on the other hand looked great smothered in onion rings with cheese and applewood smoked bacon. When I tasted the burger, first thing I noticed was that it was overcooked, as was my dining companions, the bun was toasted and undistinguishable and the fries tasteless. Later, I realized that coleslaw was not included in the mix and at $16.75 for a pre-theatre lunch this mama was not happy. The space is very spiffy with an art decoish design though the use of the small space is a tad awkward. Nice john in the rear. No bang for the buck here.
Slow go!

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