Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blue Marble Ice Cream

Farm fresh,organic ice-cream created in small batches in an upstate creamery is the Blue Marble credo. Their second location opened a few weeks ago on Underhill Ave. and Sterling in Prospect Heights. A cute picket fence lined shop is reminicent of the country. Flavors are plentiful with the usual suspects of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and coffee as well as changing flavors and sorbets. I opted for the consientious chip and chocolate chip. Both were super creamy and fresh tasting for $5.50. Their ice-cream is quite good, though seems to lack the same intensity as others that are created on premises. The store also serves freshly baked goods from the bakery, Baked in Red Hook as well as loose teas from in Pursuit of Tea. There is a toilet in the rear of the kiddie area in the back of the store and a garden with kids toys connected to the kiddie playground. Super kid friendly.

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