Friday, July 4, 2008


Formerly called the Bowery Bar and Grill, I realized that I have never eaten in this 80's iconic restaurant. The restaurant is very large and located on the corner of East 4th. Street and Cooper Square. It was fairly empty at lunch and I was seated immediately at a plush booth with a garden view- bingo! The dining room is decorated with black and beige banguettes, a wood beamed ceiling and a palm tree in the center of the room with lots of light making for an uber cool space. I started with mint lemonade which even though it was not homemade, it was minty and refreshing. I ordered the quesadilla with shrimp and also asked for wild mushroom which I was not charged extra for and cost $9. The tortilla was on the thick side with a strange tasting red sauce and crema squirted on the top and served with a small side salad. There is a vast lunch menu with sandwiches and paninis all under $15 like yellowfin tuna, or bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomato for $10 which are served with a side salad. Overall, the food was fine, but the view and and chill vibe was exceptional.

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