Friday, July 4, 2008


Oh, the Odeon, debaucherous late night 80's hotspot for the NY artworld and local celebrities. Now an art deco landmark with wood wainscotting, mirrors, maroon colored banguettes and deco lighting. The food is secondary with the deco decor being the star of the show and of course you! Myself and a Tribecca friend were there for lunch on Friday, where we were seated at a larger table with a slightly obstructed view. First comes the warm rolls with the Odeon labeled butter, lovely. My beet salad with shaved fennel, mandarin slices and aged goat cheese for $12 was tiny. The balance of the lovely red and yellow beets with the fennel was tasty though standard goat cheese would have been the preferred option. My lunch companion's eggs benedict was slightly runny with a slight smattering of hollandaise and the small bits of the end of the french fry batch as an accompaniment. The bus boy informed us that pictures are a no-no, oh well too late. Other than the dining room, the bathroom is one of my all time NY favorites, it is downstairs with a large outer area with two wooden phone booths(remember those) and an antique scale. In the jane with more deco tile and black doors on the stalls and a separate powder room with make-up mirrors and stools, and a pic of Jean-Michel Basquait no doubt an early patron.

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