Thursday, July 3, 2008


Firstly, I love this place. Food, design, and service Highline rocks. With it's white couches instead of the useal banguettes, white cushiony chairs, black slate floors, 70's style amber hanging lights and a small waterfall this place is uber modern and cool. I have eaten here a few times and ate here for lunch on Thursday and loved my food. The lunch menu offers several options ranging from vegetarian for $8 up to seafood for $10. I choose the choose the N.E. steak for $9 which is grilled Thai marinated steak with steamed seasonal greens. For a starter(included, I choose the terriyaki grilled shrimp over a mushroom medley. The carmelized shrimp was served over different mushroom varieties like portobello and shitake and was tangy and tasty. My steak was a huge amount of slightly spiced beef in a reddish, brown sauce with perfectly steamed veggies(asparagus, broccoli and green beans) and rice. The spice of the meat was well balanced by the greens and rice. A dimly lit Feng Shui bathroom with an unusual sink on the same floor. I am sure Highline rocks at night.
Must Go!

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