Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Otto's Pizzeria and Enoteca and ice-cream

Mario Batali's Restaurant is famous for their pizza and extensive and I mean extensive wine list, but they also make a mean gelati and that is what I was there for today at the bar. Three flavors are $7 which is not bad for housemade gelati which comes in about 9 flavors. I choose salty caramel, spiced chocolate and strawberry balsamic. The accompanying warm chocolate sauce served in a shot glass for an extra $2 was decadent. The ice-cream was dense, fresh and mostly divine. The salty caramel was very true in flavor as was the strawberry balsamic(hmmmmmmm), the spiced chocolate was slightly underspiced unlike Il Laboratorio's chile spiced chocolate. The warm chocolate sauce was perfection and all together simply delish.

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