Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flatbush Food Co-op

Flatbush Food Coo-op is one of the few co-ops that you do not need to be a member to shop in though memberships are available and food is discounted to members. Even members are not subject to the mamouth amount of rules like the Park Slope Food Co-op which I have shopped in many times courtesy of members though never joined because of the rules and crowds. This store moved a few months ago to a former supermarket location on Cortelyou Rd. across from the subway and it is huge and shiny with great organic produce, fair trade coffees, deli items, beauty items and more. I liked it in it's former tiny, sort of run down old location, but the new one is huge and during the week, uncrowded. Organic white corn just before the start of corn season is $1.29, a whole aisle of organic produce though not cheap is cheaper than say Whole Foods. Soups, like sweet potato and black bean are there to take away as well as salads or make a sandwich to go. Fair trade coffee is $8.99 a pound that is a steal. Pics to follow.
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charlene said...

I've been to the Flatbush Food Coop several times, and I appreciate it a lot. I have to say though, as a member of the Park Slope Food Coop, I really wish you would respect the fact that visitors don't get to shop. Members work hard to keep the Park Slope Food Coop running, and we do that so we can benefit from the low prices. Guess who restocks the shelves when non-members break the rules and shop? Yep: you guessed it - MEMBERS - who are working so they can get the benefit of their membership - so I really don't appreciate visitors shopping.