Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pommes de Terre

Ultra charming and beckoning from the outside with yellow painted exterior that looks like something out of the country instead of the otherwise undistinguishable and decidedly unglamorous Newkirk Ave. Extending the yellowness to the inside painted wainscotting and white tin ceilings this spot is seductive in it's cuteness. Similar somewhat to the Farm, their other restaurant Pommes de Terre distinguishes itself with creative Frenchish cooking and a knowlegeable and friendly staff. I started with the cauliflower soup with rock shrimp for $5 which was velvety smooth, rich and delish. House churned butter and a nice, fresh old school baguette baked in the Bronx went well with the rich soup. Next up was the dry grilled aged ribeye with sauteed spinach and potato gratin for $23. Perfectly cooked, but missing the bone the dish was freshly cooked to order. Other options included grilled salmon, and a pan cooked chicken with Middle Eastern add-ons that appeared to be the popular dish that evening. The star of the night was dessert. All desserts are $5, a true Brooklyn bargain. The caramel-banana pot de creme was a caramel pudding with caramelized banana(creme brulee style) top was absolutely killer.
Must Go!

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