Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Located at 915 Broadway and 20th. Street, I am not sure why I waited so long to find this spot being the bargain beauty babe I am. Acupunture done by a supervised student cost just $40. My consultation with Paul and two other students was very professional and in-depth. Needle placement was gentle and precise. The next step which I have not experienced in any other treatment session was called moxying where heated implements are moved over the needles creating a warming, sensation over the skin and as well as an herbal, medicinal smell. The needles are in for about 30 minutes and my chi rejuvenated. This was a phenomenal treatment, and Friday I am scheduled for massage.
Now for the massage which was $50 bucks and scheduled at 10:15AM with Bo. Bo walked me into a private treatment room and asked me if there were any areas of concern. He returned and executed quite a good Shiatsu style massage. Swedish, Shiatsi, and Thai are the treatment options available for an hour massage.
Must Go!

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