Thursday, July 17, 2008

Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano

There are several Totonno's apart from the old-school original in Coney Island. They are all independently owned and operated. We ate at the Gramercy Park incarnation on 2nd Ave and 26th. Street. A huge space though not designed for high style, it is all about the pizza right? Well we started with a large salad with ice-berg lettuce, corn, avocado, peppers, tomatoes and a dilly ranch dressing which was tasty apart from the ice-berg. For the main course we ordered a large pizza with sweet sausage. The pizza is cooked in coal fired brick ovens, gorgeous, the real deal and so is the pizza. Not overly charred though the dough has a rustic, uneven texture and is slightly sweet with a nice sauce and fresh mozzarella. I was dissappointed that there wasn't a fresher parmiggiano available as the pizza condiments were standard the pizza was absolutely superior.

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