Sunday, August 10, 2008

Northeast Kingdom

Located in the hinterlands of Bushwick close to the Jefferson Street stop, this corner outpost serves American comfort and bistro fare to the hipster locals. The restaurant is on a corner and designed with a rugged comfortable feel with no less than 5 booths. Seated at the one by the window watching the post-industrial wastland gradually developing, it was an interesting spot to open this restaurant. The food was overall, dissapointing. The escargot in a creamy, brandy, herby sauce ordered by my dining companion was the star of the show. How could you go wrong with cream and brandy? A salad of asparagus and parmesan with lemon was also tasty though croutons were unnecessary. My entree of mac and cheese was the biggest flop, of overcooked pasta, tasteless with a breadcrumb topping. The dessert of banana cream pie tasted like some generic dessert out of a local so called gourmet store.
The lovely bathroom looked like something out of the 30's old big old sink and all.

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