Saturday, September 6, 2008


Tisserie the Venezuelan bakery and food spot has been around a good year and for good reason. Tasty sandwiches and creative salads like tuna tartare with potatoes, greens and cherry tomatoes make a nice little meal for $6.46. Other salads like one with hearts of palm and avocado or a simple potato and tomato are also good. The corner space at 17th and Broadway which has seen many incarnations is modern and spacious with seating downstairs and upstairs. There are pizzas, quiches and pastry all baked on premises. The mini tarts are yum and I particularly love the nutella and dark chocolate ganache tarts. The tarts are about a buck so you can sample a few. Amazing sounding breakfast platters like the Caracas with a selection of baked goods like raisin danish and pain au chocolat etc. and coffee start at $7.50. The toilet is on the first floor in the rear.

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