Saturday, September 6, 2008

Falai Panneteria

A panneteria is a bread bakery and Falai Panneteria, showcases gorgeous baked breads including country, focaccia, onion, fennel etc. You can take with or enjoy delish food along with a bread basket in this corner cafe on Rivington and Clinton. The whitewashed space is perfect for one or two. The pasta is homemade across the street in the Falai restaurant and is high quality. A new addition to the menu is tapas which are tiny artfully arranged plates like the ones pictured above. You can sample more yummy treats in two or three bite mini plates for $1.50 a pop. We tried the homemade beet pasta with ricotta, the homemade spaghetti with heavenly tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and a mini panini with cheese and peppers. We shared one of my fave pastas- the papparadelle(wide noodle) with sage, butter sauce and brussel sprouts. This is classic Italian not Southern, or Brooklyn, the chef/owner Iacoppo Falai uses top quality ingredients and organic flour in the bread making each bite a taste sensation. Deserts like bombolini(donut), tarts made from semolina with chocolate, hazelnut cake etc. are also available and a few in tapas form. A nice, little bathroom with Italian film posters is in the corner of the joint.

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Rachel said...

I concur! You forgot to mention the chocolate pear croissant which was DIVINE! The dark chocolate dry crumble baked inside was to-die-for!!!