Wednesday, September 17, 2008

La Superior

Superior Mexican street food served at this popular new restaurant in the hipster hood of South Williamsburg. The little red colored taqueria joint was crowded on the Tuesday night of my visit. There is a bar at next to the kitchen where singles are seated and two rows of tables backed by beige banguettes. A couple of pics of vintage Mexican movie posters above the bar is the sole decoration. The food is divided into several sections including appetizers, tacos, quesadillas, corrida(larger plates) and sides. The salsa sampler with seven salsas ranging from mild to mildly hot with housemade chips simply rocks. The Gorditas for $5(pictured on right) are little corn cakes filled with a ricotta like cheese and served with a green sauce is simply nothing else I have tasted here or Mexico and is delish. My last dish was the taco de rajas with poblanos and green and white onion which was quite tasty for $2.50. The joint serves aqua frescas made to order and the watermelon ordered was the best I ever tasted. The food is a bit like Cabrito's on Bleeker Street though about two thirds cheaper. Still waiting for it's liquor license the bodega stocks beer across the street and the friendly owner likes a cold one himself.
Must Go!

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