Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Sentosa on Prince Street in Flushing shares it's address with several restaurants, but stands apart in cuisine. Malaysian food made to order in a sleek restaurant space. The first floor is full of dark woods creating a relaxing environment in a busy hectic area. My Queens restaurant group dined here on Sunday and it was an exotic taste experience. Malaysian melds flavors from Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisines. My friends began their meal with the roti canai which is a roti pancake with a curry dip of potatoes and chicken. The curry contained some coconut milk which made for a spicy, flavorful dip. My main of the pinapple rice(spicy) was served in a half of a coconut(spectacular) and cost $10. It was filled with calamari, shrimp, rice of course, veggies and raisins sweetened the pot. This dish was delish and what distinguishes Sentosa from other Manhattan Malaysians I have tried is the food is made to order and that makes all the differences. Bathrooms are a tight squeeze upstairs. Flushing is an international destination all by itself.

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