Friday, October 24, 2008

Char no. 4

Char no. 4 mambo no. 5. This stylish bourbon, scotch bar and accompanying back restaurant is one of the most original spots I encountered in awhile. Located on Smith Street in the midst of many good restaurants, Char no. 4 distinguishes itself with amazingly good grub. We started with the Clam Chowder to die for. Velvety chowder with super flavor finished with chopped chives and the chowder rounds floating on top. We also shared a house cured bacon with black-eyed peas cooked with a tomato coulis. This was pure pork heaven. Amazing! For the main, we both ordered the seared scallops over a mashed pumpkin for $20. Also, lots of flavor. Dessert was a homemade butter pecan ice-cream finished with bourbon. Super duper! The restaurant is decorated in beige and brown with lots of brown booths for comfort.
This place is not served with a bargain twist, but is definitely an original.

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Seduction Meals said...

Hi Franny,

What a great find. I look forward to trying it one day. Terry