Sunday, October 26, 2008

L&B Pizzeria & Spumoni Gardens

This iconic institution has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. Sitting at the crossroads of Sicilian Ave. U. and across the street from Marlboro projects, L&B is still as popular as ever. There has always been something special about a warm day eating a slice of pizza outside on the benches and then a homemade Italian ice or Spumoni at Spumoni Gardens as we call it. Firstly, pizza wise skip the round slice here as it is all about the square. The Sicilian is what they are famous for and I have been eating as long as I can remember having grown up in the nabe. The square is $2.25 which is a bargain for the quality of the slice. What distinguishes this pizza is the dough, kinda sweet and fresh with very little char. The sauce is sweet and piled over the cheese instead of vice versa. Is the pizza as good as Artichoke Basil's complex square, absolutely not. Will people ever stop coming to L&B, probably not as it is quality and nostalgia all in one bite.

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