Wednesday, November 5, 2008

De Mole

I would move to Sunnyside for this level of good and cheap food. A cute corner location and a nice crowd at lunch welcomed me to this much blogged about spot. The menu has many desirable options including some not often seen like grilled pork chops with rice and beans for $8.75. My only dissapointment was that their much heralded salsa was not ready at the time of my meal. The chips here are good though not housemade, but every thing else shined. I ordered the pollo with mole poblano with rice, beans and corn tortillas for $9 bangers. The slow cooked chicken leg was smothered in a rich, complex and chocolately mole. Rice and black beans completed the dish which was deliciouso. Fresh squeezed to order juices are $2.50. My orange juice was super good and a large size for the price. After lunch or dinner head over to Skillman Street for the cute vintage store Stray and other cute cafes and foodstuff stores.

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