Saturday, November 8, 2008

Aspen Social Club

Breaky and lunch are now available at the Midtown outpost connected to the Stray Hotel. The decor is sexy, upscale, log cabin like and boasts a white antler chandelier in the center of the ceiling, and faux rawhide banguettes around the oddly shaped dining room. It would be fun to stop in at night as the food is more of an after thought and may be enhanced after a few libations. There are fun dishes like bison sliders with smoked cheese for $7 and fries with chipotle ketchup for $6 bangers. I ordered three dishes, some biscuits with butter for $7, a beet and feta tart with hazelnuts for $6 and chicken quesadillas with guacamole for $8. The biscuits while probably baked in house were not particulary buttery or warm or flavorful. The beet tart while beautiful lacked flavor and the feta tasted like blue cheese. The chicken in the chicken quesadilla was also lacking in seasoning though the guacamole tasted super fresh and flavorful. The menu lists housemade ice-cream for dessert which is a personal fave, though the savory portion was quite enough.

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