Friday, November 21, 2008

The Redhead

The Redhead is a much blogged about Southern restaurant/bar in on 13th. Street between 1st. and 2nd. Avenue. Finally ate there the other night with two girlfriends. The spot was full for a Thursday in the midst of a recession. It is a dark, moody room with velvet banguettes surrounding the perimeter. We each ordered an appetizer and mine was the sunchoke and sweet potato salad with hazelnut, pear, aged goat cheese and spicy watercress for $9 bangers. This is definitely a case of a dish sounding better than the execution. The sunchokes should have been warmed slightly otherwise it was a reasonably good balance of flavors. Next time it would be the bacon peanut brittle(because every thing is better with bacon) for $5. The best app. of the group was the braised red-wine short ribs for $11, with potato pierogi and carmelized onions, yum. The winner of the main course and much renowned online was my buttermilk fried chicken with baby spinach, apples, candied walnuts and an add-on of a biscuit for $16. Salty, crunch, juicy perfect fried chicken with the savory/sweet accompaniment. The biscuit was delish with honey butter. The accomodating waiter also gave us three wrapped up chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies to take with us.

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