Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thai Basil

I ascended to Massaman heaven during my lunch meal yesterday at Thai Basil on 9th. Avenue. The place has been renovated with white plastic wainscotting and high backed white plastic chairs and some Thai wall decorations. They did forget to redo the toilet which has the same green tiles and stinky smell of years ago. Though who cares about the toilet for this level of true yum yum food. A lunch special of $6.95 which the price has also thankfully not changed from years ago includes a nice salad with mesculun, tiny tomatoes, cucumber and carrots as well as a fresh spring roll. I ordered pork massaman which is served in a rich brew with coconut and hot pepper flecks with smashed skin on red potatoes and cashews. Delish. Lot's options with chicken or beef for that bangin' deal and of course you have the choice to eat at a dozen other Thai joints on 9th., but for this price and great grub is there really a choice.

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Rachel said...

What a great deal! I love Thai food, and I have never been to this place. Thanks so much Franny!!!