Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blue Water Grill

One of the absolute most beautiful dining rooms in New York at this corner Union Square classic that once housed Club Metropolis in the eighties. Slendid high ceilings and lush marble surroundings being decorated in their Christmas finery. Any special occasion is more special here and my birthday was well celebrated. The brunch starts off with raisin and pumpkin bread and strawberry butter. I ordered the main lobster roll pictured above which was served on a toasted challah roll with applewood smoked bacon on a plate with house made chips was delish. The staff was extra accomodating to the birthday girl and fries were added on as well. My companion's seafood quiche more of a tartlett was spot on served with a side salad. Drinks are included like my companion's nostalgia provoking srewdriver and my potent Bloody Mary, though those could use some updating. An extensive menu of brunch and lunch items abound. Several benedicts, eggs and pancake options like pumpkin pancakes make for a grand choice. Lunch items include burgers(meat and salmon) and salads. The dessert of a banana tower pictured above with malt crunch ice-cream, chocolate sauce, and bananas served in a crispy sweet shell was decadent. Chocolate fondue with dip-ins like marshmallows, meringue and fruits was a fitting end to a grand meal. Again, gorgeous special occasion spot brought to you by the B.R. Guest restaurant conglomerate.

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Sofia said...

I had that same dessert at Blue Water Grill - seriously delicious! You will have to review some Park Slope restaurants so I know where to eat in my new neighborhood!