Thursday, December 4, 2008

Momofuku Milk Bar

Oh the Momofuku empire,Chef David Chang has two restaurants plus the new Milk bar off the corner of 2nd. Avenue in the East Village. This modern stand up dessert bar offers cutting edge baded goods baked on premises in an open kitchen. Intoxicating smell and accomodating baker, baked up some cookies on the spot for a gentleman who wanted peanut butter cookies. Pies with names like crack pie have ingredients that give crunch like corn flakes. Other pies include pistachio pie, banana pie and candy bar pie. I had the banana cookie for $1.75 which was chewy on the inside and crunchy at the edges and super flavorful. Other options are pretty exhorbitant like the blue cheese bread which was properly darkly baked and cost $9 bangers. The Milk Bar is open for breakfast and sells inventive, delish baked goods and milk shakes.

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bestnonfiction said...

I wouldn't expect anything there to be as cheap as $1.75....I will definitely check it out next time I'm in the area.