Wednesday, December 31, 2008

La Esquina Criolla

Absolutely authentic Argentine cuisine on the corner(esquina) of Corona and Junction Blvd in Eastern Queens. Since spending a month in Argentina in 2000, this is the closest I have come to a real taste. Esquina sports plain decor, but killer meat cooked on an uneven griddle over flame. I started with a chicken empanada full of moist chicken, bits of egg and red pepper. A side dish of Argentine sausages(salchichas) and a good fresh roll and butter filled me up from the jump. I ordered number six which was two beef short ribs and a skirt steak(entrana) which was $14 and worth every dime. I waited awhile for the steak which made me very nervous, but it arrived perfectly cooked with two huge short ribs and the smaller skirt steak. Argentine meat cuts are different from the American so the beef short ribs are huge and absolutely delicious. A side of oven baked potatoes came with the meat which was almost an afterthought with the huge, heavenly meat in front of me. Less expensive meat sandwiches are also available though those with sandwiches were showing dish envy at my gorgeous meat. If you are a carnivore this is a.......

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Ay Yi Yi - Yo quiero!!