Saturday, December 27, 2008

Uncle Nick's Greek Cuisine

Thank you to the greek gods for sending Uncle Nick's to Chelsea. Big, clean corner space with some old black and white photos of people grilling meats assumably in Greece. To start we ordered the four dips and those arrived with grilled pita. I love the Greek meze's and all of these were enjoyable. A small country salad was huge with a nice hunk of feta and nice red tomatoes for the middle of winter. The main course was baby back ribs which were huge and slathered in a little too sweet sauce. The ribs were spot on though and served with mediocre lemon potatoes. My companion's entree of pork chops was spectacular looking though overcooked and dry to the taste. The dessert of homemade baklava was a tad dry and no dripping with honey as the better ones are.

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