Monday, December 15, 2008

Schnitzel Haus

Ya voll at this cute, kitchy German spot with a German accented waitress. The spot on 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge is decorated with lots of wood touches and charming knick knacks. A large selection of beers on tap like my fave hefewiezen(white beer). They serve Weienstepen Deutch style so this is a large serving. The food can be a tad overpriced for lunch with a beer, but as there a few German options around and it is fairly authentic fare . For a starter, I ordered a potato leek soup with bacon and topped with cheddar. The soup was thick and satisfying, with bacon adding a fatty touch though a little more seasoning and better cheddar instead of the generic yellow stuff would have been better. The bratwurst was a winner served with homemade sauerkraut with bacon and spatzle. Delish for $8 bangers. Lots of grilled meats as well as schnitzels. Classic German soul food.

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