Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Royale Bakery

Hot pink candy colored confection of a bakery that doesn't actually bake it's goods, but rather imports the best of them from Baked in Red Hook. Baked creates great sweets and even makes it's own granolas and sells to some high end markets in Manhattan. The cupcakes are absolutely divine and my fave is the chocolate cupcake with salted chocolate buttercream frosting for $2 bangers. Denser than a Billy's or a Magnolia with some frosting edging into the cupcake itself. The store also sells tea and coffee to go with the goodies. Other Baked items include the chocolatey chocolate chip cookie for $2.50, some brownies(I favor the salty spicy one) and a few types of Baked granolas. The store also sells other purveyors though the Baked goods are the star of the show.

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