Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Mangia e parla en Italiano at this once a month class held at Alloro Restuarant. The class is $60 and includes some conversation a three course meal plus a glass of red wine. The amount of language was minimal, but the good company,super nice hosts and wonderful authentic food made for a great evening. You are given a choice of three appetizer and three entree items and following three dessert items. For the first course I ordered a multi-layer flat bread over an artichoke salad with bacon gelato on the side. The salad was tasty, and a nice balance with the flat bread and savory bacon gelato. My friends appetizer of eggplant parmigiana with a mozzerella ball was delish. For the main, I ordered the chocolate gnocchi with wild boar ragu which was a rich dish. My companion's main of al dente saffron rissoto with licorice was again delish. Desert was a choice of ricotta cheese cake or coffee mouse filled cannoli. My lemony ricotta cheese cake with cinnamon ice-cream was spot on. Either for dining or speaking and dining Alloro is molto bene.

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