Saturday, January 10, 2009

Point Brazil Restaurant

Obrigada for this cute corner joint on 31st. Street one block off the hub of Broadway and Steinway. Too snowy to explore further, this crowded little joint looked like there was good food and beckoned me in. This is a self-serve churrascarria one of several in the nabe. The buffet hosts Brazilian specialties such as tiliapia in a coconut cream sauce, potato salad, white rice with black beans with sausage(fejoidish dish) okra, a torta with chicken, and beans with seasoned yuca flour with sausage and much more. Just the buffet is $4.99/pound, but the buffet with carne sliced by the meat man is $5.99/pound. There were approximately 8 different kinds of meat featured here. Skewered meats salted and cooked include top sirloin, chicken wrapped in bacon, linguica(brazilian sausage), pork spare ribs etc. The meat server was accomodating as I asked for fatty pieces of top sirloin. Salty, fatty goodness that went perfectly with the selections from the buffet. All washed down with a combo of guava and passion fruit juices. I was offered a tropical dessert of coconut pineapple cake and tasted homemade and was indeed made by the owner's sister. This family owned churrascaria cares about their food and customers. Clean, big bathroom in the rear.

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