Sunday, January 4, 2009


Big, beautiful Brooklyn space sans the Park Slope stroller set, Busacco for brunch was great. Soaring space with black booths in back, I was seated at one of the spacious booths as the spot was not full thankfully on Sunday. The brunch menu rocks with a $15 prix fixe which includes a mimosa and coffee. Brunchy items like Swedish pancakes with ligonberries as well as breakfast pizza with potato, egg and choice of meat and the unusual dim sum for one which bacon, eggs, sticky rice, shrimp dumplings and sausage. I went for one of two lunch items which included a cheeseburger with Vermont cheddar or fried poisson and waffles. The fried chicken and waffles was perfection. Small in size though high in quality, the chicken was crispy, perfectly cooked and salty which enhanced the skin and juicy meat of the chen. A properly well cooked waffle with apple butter balanced out the savory chicken and the collard greens added a little vegetable action to the mix. A rich hot chocolate served in a glass was a nice compliment to the meal. Next time, the Spanish tango sundae with Il Laboratorio chocolate ice-cream, hot fudge and peanuts is a must.

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